PROJECT: Scale, The Location Shoot

/ 7.11.13 /
So, this most recent module we're doing is one I'm pretty darn excited about!

Being a lover of the surreal and fantasy more specifically, this digital composite module is giving me the freedom to incorporate my love of fairy tales into my work! 

So immediately with the brief of scale, I jumped straight to the borrowers. I decided I'd definitely scale down a model to fit something tiny. 

I'm not sure where my idea to use a jar came from, it just popped into my head, and so off I went to shoot the jar on location.

The following are a small selection of the images I took. They were mostly taken in Bill Quay farm with a few by the water which runs through the neighbouring park. 

I also took a few images with a little stand in model to check for shadows however it didn't work too well as I couldn't see, I think what might be better is a 3D model maybe made of a whitetac to see how the shadows lay.The image I settled on after feedback from peers was this one:


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