End Clothing Brief

/ 8.4.14 /
This new project is all about product photography, and I'm loving it!

Here's a little insight to the soft launch image I took.

The brand I've chosen to photograph is Regal Rose Jewellery. I like these because the jewellery is a little edgy so I can play around with that, and have a bit more styling than just say a ring on a manicured hand.

ooh, behind the scenes! (These were taken on my phone so I apologise for the noise on these!)
First set up I tried. 
Set up used for the final image!
Yes, that is my velvet skirt pinned to the window sill with a vase and oil burner to get some natural light and a pretty surface!
My silly sense of humour found this funny. Using a little cracker ring to prop up the box for some real jewellery!


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