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/ 24.2.14 /
Yesterday I was playing my guitar and thought I'd have a bit of a practise with some still life photography.

There was actual real life sun outside so it was perfect for some lovely natural light!
I took these on my 50mm lens, so I could play with shallow depth of field.
(These are completely unedited, Expect some finished ones soon!)
My guitar is a bit dusty and the fret board is wrecked!

This would look much better without the specks of dust!

I played with movement a bit here! I think I was on a 10 second shutter speed, and I had the guitar stood up as in the picture previously, then showed the motion of me picking up the guitar and playing it. I kind of like it!

The white is almost swallowing the guitar!

Shallow depth of field is so pretty!

Slightly different framing.

I will say to take the last pictures, I was laying flat on my floor, with my legs almost above my head as my room isn't really long enough for a guitar and me to lay flat. But I wanted the white door as my background so the blue would stand out! 


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