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/ 23.10.14 /
I've been thinking a bit about how far I've come with my photography, I still feel like I'm completely fibbing my way through this course, basically pretending like I know what I'm doing when it comes to the technical side of Photography, and I guess that's actually a little bit true. I'm completely ignorant to anything technical, I take photos that I think look pretty and I understand how to make them (to some extent) look the way I want, but ask me how I did it, what settings my camera is on, what kit I used, my answer will probably be I played around with it until it looked good, I don't remember and probably my Canon 1100d with a 50mm lens because that's about all I ever use.

Granted with practise I do feel like I am improving, and my lighting skills are becoming way better the more I assist my friends in the studio, and I think slowly but surely I am getting there. I just need to stop comparing myself to those on the course who have double the amount of experience I do with the kit.

In PPD this week we have been looking at our skills within photography, and that's what got me thinking about this, however, we were not only evaluating our technical skills but our other business skills like communication and team work, and I feel these are some of my stronger points.

I'm definitely feeling more confident about myself as a photographer than I have ever done, I just need a little something extra to get me to completely confident.

Next post won't be as invasive into my brain, I promise! :)


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