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So after Emma's shoot, we went out and shot my supporting image ( blog post to follow in the next week!) and while we were doing it, I again decided to film a small amount to allow me to practice in creating these cinemagraphs.

We were shooting on one of the little walkways above building height on the quayside on the Newcastle side of the Tyne (in case you're wondering how to get there, you need to take the little steps down from the Castle Keep towards the river. It's a very lovely little secluded walk hidden right next to the busy town, I'd recommend it!) so I decided to stick with where we were, and there was a lovely view of the Tyne Bridge!

I asked Emma to stand looking out at it, and to keep very still, so that essentially the only thing moving would be her hair and scarf blowing in the wind. Obviously this is not the case, you can see in the image above that her body moves ever so slightly too, but, I think it still works pretty well, and I'm quite proud of my improvement!

It lead us to a discussion about creating them, and me and Emma decided (following from talking about the Tyne Bridge in this shot) it would be quite nice to create a series of cinemagraphs from around Newcastle City Centre, showing the beautiful city it is.

Hopefully we'll get started after Christmas and deadlines!

Keep your eyes open!

Beth! :)


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