Assisting Emma's shoot.

/ 10.12.14 /
Today I assisted the lovely Emma Howe during her shoot for her contextual studies supporting image before I went off to shoot mine!

Her image will be in the style of Solve Sundsbo, with a double exposure feel to it.

It was a very smooth shoot! I met the model (whom I actually know), before heading up to college, and then while she was in getting her makeup done by the fantastic Laura Lou (who's information I will link at the bottom of this post for you.) I gave Emma a hand with her lighting.

Rebecca (the model) was really lovely to work with, she isn't shy and was happy to do anything Emma suggested while I ended up in the back directing the fan to her hair.

While Emma was taking head shots for Laura I set up to record a snippet of video to try and make a cinemagraph from, I thought it was worth it while the lights were set up to just hit record and play around once I got home.
This is what I got:

Now it is nowhere near what I was expecting and I'll explain why:

First of all, I had Rebecca do some spins and some poses, but what I need to pay attention to when making these is that the motion can be repeated seamlessly, so although she was spinning in a full circle, her feet didn't stay in the same place, and that was a problem, because it meant there was a little jump where she started the process again, and takes away from the fact it looks like almost a moment in time captured.

Secondly, the lighting was very orange, so I had to switch it black & white, that was probably the settings on my camera, and the fact it was picking up the overhead lighting aswell as the modelling lamps, so I need some proper continuous lighting if I'm to studio shoot again.
(I would have fixed this in post, but I had issues with the editing software I have on my laptop, so it all had to be done in photoshop!)

Thirdly, this is still not perfect motion, the best bit i could choose was her hair movement, and her hand still moves and slightly jumps.

However, this was definitely a learning curve and I aside from the frustration, I really did enjoy the process and I'm looking forward to practicing and improving!

Beth :)

Emma Howe:

Laura Lou:


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