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/ 26.1.15 /
So you may remember Zev Hoover of FiddleOak whom I posted about a while ago, but while doing research for my own miniature project I stumbled across the work of his sister, and my oh my it is wonderful.

Her absolutely stunning fine art photography has a range of processes, but completely flows as one entire portfolio of work, and it is just beautiful.

Highland companion

It was this series that first caught my attention, photographs mixed with these ghostly hand drawn figures, always linked with the subject of the photograph, I just absolutely adored it, the idea of an imaginary friend, or a protector of some kind always being with you, whether you know it or not. I just found the whole series so peaceful and calm, I absolutely adored it. The rest of the Companion images can be found here.
Moments in Between - true colors

When delving deeper into her extensive collection of work, I found a set of images that again combine art and photography, and I'm just so drawn to them, I find them so different to anything I've seen before, the colours are beautiful and the watercolour blends so nicely with the photograph. I urge you to check out this series to by clicking here.


I don't think there's an image of Aliza's that I dislike, every single one of them intrigues me and draws my attention, but I thought I'd include this one because it completely draws me in, I love anything fairytale and magical, and the insect wings on this figure is so beautiful it completely has my imagination going wild. I also thought this was such a lovely image to show the similarities between Mr Fiddleoak himself and his fanastically talented sister, you can see their styles are very similar, but the way they develop their ideas pull them apart. I can imagine them being a very powerful duo when thinking together.

You can find all of Aliza Hoovers work at and I completely recommend looking through all of her work, it is magnificent.


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