Assisting Georgia's shoot

/ 23.1.15 /
Today I assisted Georgia Bloy with her shoot. She was taking actors headshots, and I gave her a hand with lighting and for a lighting test while she waited for the model.

Oh the fun we had, Capture One was being a little bit of a nuisance, refusing to rotate the images, which we later found out (with help from 3 staff members who were all just as confused as we were) that it was a setting on the camera. Yay for learning new things right?

We also worked out a great feature of Capture One which is Live View mode. Now I have a canon software which is pretty similar to capture one in that it lets you control the camera through a laptop or computer and allows you to see more clearly what you're shooting as you shoot it, and also tweak the images a little bit. It is no way even close to the level that Capture One is at, however I know how helpful live view mode can be for me when doing self portraits, trying new techniques without a model, so when I spotted the little video camera button on Capture One I had a feeling it would do the same thing.

This was incredibly helpful for Georgia because she worked out how to zoom in on the live view screen and make sure she had the eyes of the model completely in focus as she was using a very shallow depth of field with a 50mm lens, and it was so helpful to know you were definitely in focus every single time. So we did good teaching ourselves new tricks and all in all it was a very successful shoot. I have since contacted a couple of young actors about their headshots as a way for use to practice together and use in our portfolio!


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