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Yesterday, our year received a talk from Photographer Ryan Edy. Now before I start talking about this we get quite a few photographers come to deliver talks to the college, and I'm never usually all that interested. The majority are fashion/ beauty based, in a huge studio set up, have been in the business for years and years and the message they seem to give us is that it is too hard to get into the industry, which is a little demoralising. It should be said I'm also far from a beauty and fashion photographer, I'm not sure what kind of photography I want to get into at all to be honest but those just aren't my thing.

Now, what a breath of fresh air Ryan Edy was, he is the most honest guest speaker we've had into college, and I am taken away by his work.

Ryan Edy

Ryan Edy

I love the tones that are continuous through all of his images, and the beautiful light and compositions he uses.

His talk was specific to the module we have just received which is to create a portfolio of work, however we did get off topic when questions were asked and discussed other things like how he works and his journey into the industry, and like I said earlier, he came across very genuine, nothing was sugar coated, he was very clear about his work and his thoughts, and that was very encouraging.

I'd highly recommend you pop on over to his website to look through his work because every single image is beautiful. Definitely right up my street, and I'm very glad he came in to talk to our class.


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