PROJECT: Contextual Studies.

/ 12.12.14 /

Along with an essay set by the college we were asked to create a supporting image, inspired by the work of the photographer we talked about within the essay.

My photographer of choice was Zev Hoover of Fiddle Oak who I have posted about before and used as inspiration for my Scale project last year.
Though I loved that project, after reading through Zev's blog I found out more about his process, and specifically how he shoots in the same lighting as the background image, something we weren't allowed to do for the project last year.

So while creating my supporting image, I followed his process to some extent, using the same lighting, and though the image of the model wasn't on a blank studio background, I made sure it wasn't too busy and cutting her out from it wasn't as difficult as I had expected.

I'm very happy with how it has come out, I managed to match the focus quite well, and also create shadow that is hopefully believable.

I'm hoping to continue creating images like this, almost paralleling to the images on Fiddleoak, making mine more city based rather than nature, though I'd love to do some like that too!


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