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So, this was a very difficult process, I knew that I wanted something a bit arty, hand drawn feel to it, but i had no idea how to go about creating that effect digitally, nor could I afford to hire a graphic designer. So I started out sketching some cameras and used the best pieces of each doodle to merch together and end up with a complete camera. This way I got to keep the sketchy feel without actually having to create a perfect drawing at the same time because then I think too hard about drawing it!

I tried putting this camera with hand written text on a watercolour background that I had I drawn and scanned into the computer but it still wasn't quite right, I decided to make my logo round, use a more legible font and instead of using my own water colour, I downloaded a brush set online and that meant i could have a clearer watercolour effect.

At the moment I have my facebook page in the logo because I'm yet to get a website set up, but I still have the original file and once that happens I can easily switch out my facebook url to a website url, at the moment I'm very please with how this looks.

I also created a dark background version of this so I have the option if i need it, I quite like the way it looks, but I definitely prefer the colour version.


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