Calumet Day

/ 12.11.14 /
So we had a talk from Calumet and photographer Simon Leach who is associated with them. Now I did quite appreciate Simons work, and he answered peoples questions quite well, and seemed to have some interesting things to say about the industry, but I'm going to be honest here, as it's my blog, but I felt like the whole intention of his talk was to sell us a fujifilm camera.

Now i'm very much aware that the talk was initiated by Calumet and their whole day was planned as a way for us to trial new equipment and potentially buy from them. I don't know what i expected from today but I felt a bit bombarded by sales, and less actually learning anything new about photography or actually benefiting at all as I didn't have money to purchase anything either.

I get how it could be useful to some people, but to me I was just kind of stood back not understanding much about the kit and not being able to afford it.

Hopefully the next talk will be a bit more beneficial to me!


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