INSPIRED: Cinemagraphs!

/ 13.11.14 /
Okay, so you may have seen a very old post of mine where I gave these a try with an image of my brother and had only his eyes moving. Well a few of these popped up on a feed of mine recently (I don't remember where, tumblr or twitter I imagine) and I have fallen in love with them once again.

 I probably get more excited about film than photography, which seems a little ridiculous to admit considering the course I'm doing, but I think photography is a pivotal part to film, and I do love the subject, however there's something about movement that grabs my attention, and I think these are the perfect combination of film and photography and that is possibly why I love them so much.

(That and also they remind me of Harry Potter...)

The two I've included are a couple of my favourite, and I hope to create something just as beautiful soon!

Fingers Crossed!

Beth :)


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