PROJECT: Incident Room

/ 5.11.14 /

So this is my incident room project, it is based off a project I did at a level art, but with much more sophisticated lighting than my bedroom light and a candle hah!

I liked the idea of showing basically two sides to how you feel through a mirror because it is often when you're sat looking at a mirror when you think about yourself and who you are. We shot in a travelodge because it worked out pretty cheap compared to other places, so the room isn't the best (including the warped mirror!) but aside from that I think my lighting is pretty well done considering I'd never lit a room before with flash, and the idea is solid, it just needs a bit more styling to the room.

All in all I was much more pleased with this project than the weightless aspect of the module, and though it is certainly not my style of work usually, I enjoyed the opportunity to create something a little different a practise a new skill!


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