PROJECT: Weightless

/ 3.11.14 /
My final image for weightless is one that I'm reluctant to put up, because what I imagined this looking like is not at all what it has ended up looking like.

I'm not making excuses but when we did this we did 4 shoots in a day, which then ended up actually being 5 because my original one did not work even slightly and I had to reshoot last minute having my friend make her way over immediately from university just so I had a model, thankfully Georgia stayed and gave me a hand, but to be honest neither of us were very confident with flash outdoors, and to top it off only one of our flash heads was working because with the equipment we booked out from the store we were only given one radio slave, which was fantastic considering the image had to be lit with two lights....

However I know exactly what I did wrong, I basically exposed the image for the natural light and then added the flash, which due to the fact the sun was incredibly bright was not the best thing to do, I should have spent more time making sure I had it right but to be honest i was flustered and completely lost with how to even begin to shoot with outdoor lighting and that affected my motivation to keep trying. I wish I had had time to go back and try again but I had to make do with what I had, and it's not an awful photograph but I know I could have done better with time and practise. Never mind.


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